What we do

ECRU creating work

is an association that over time has become, more and more, an internationally shared space open to dialogue and confrontation. Collaborating with numerous and diverse subjects, supporting and planning various activities and services in the context of national and international projects, he has in fact addressed some of the key issues for a fair and sustainable future of the planet:

→ social innovations, inclusion and social cohesion, gender violence, immigration and integration, economy of functionality, socially responsible territory, social enterprise, intrapreneurship, holonic system, helix innovation networks, learning organization

≡ in recent years ECRU has studied in-depth studies and planning in the socio-educational-economic field, realizing and participating in projects aimed at:

→ preventing and combating racism and other forms of intolerance, gender violence, through the promotion of the principle of non-discrimination, intercultural mediation, inclusion and social integration … to learn more

ECRU accompanies institutional, economic and social actors interested in these key issues by offering a range of activities targeted to the needs identified for each of them:

assets covering the overall cycle of europlanning and reporting: Project design (identification of grant applications to be submitted) | Proposal management (management of Application forms and construction of partnership and proposals) | Project management (management of funded projects) … more

actions and services aimed at innovation and improvement of internal and external organizational systems:
ECRU supports organizations to intentionally acquire (self) learning processes to know themselves and their potential, activating intra-organizational and extra-organizational interaction dynamics functional to their own organizational development and to create a network/system and share knowledge as a prerequisite for the creation of new alliances (inter/intra sectorial), within a framework of mutual (parallel and transversal) social, economic and educational/training development

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  Service to support proposals and requests for funding (search for tenders and calls, development of project ideas):
ECRU supports the presentation of proposals and requests for funding through the research, evaluation and reasoned selection of calls and tenders to participate in, published at national and European level based on the skills and characteristics of the proposing subject and the potential of candidacy, also identifying the partners more suitable

  searching opportunities and Advanced design: ECRU provides advice and assistance ad hoc and systematic throughout the cycle of a draft drawn on the basis of the program priorities of the proponent with its active participation

ECRU also deals with analysis and organizational research, consulting and corporate training, community planning and animation of transnational partnerships and networks between public, private and organizations of civic participation.

Among them:

coaching aimed at supporting the transition from a formal organization to a learning organization
  evaluation of flagship projects to create new entrepreneurship and aims to build a repertoire of best practices with respect to specific contexts
construction of training plans, methodologies and tools to train craft entrepreneurs to be involved in an activity of intergenerational mentorship
analysis and evaluation studies (ex.: Pestle) on the impact of major events on a territory to the socio-economic level
development of international collaborations (particularly with Atemis) and research on Functional service economy focused to introduce in Europe the principles through projects and relations with local authorities, consulting firms and enterprises.