Countryside and towns

ECRU is able to support actions and strategies for the development and promotion of the territory in respect of biodiversity, the sustainable and sharing local development with respect of the commons.

The promotion of local development and more generally of the territory in terms of exchange and integration between rural and urban (downtown and suburbs, etc.) must act transversely at different levels: programming at European level, integrated planning and transnational analysis needs, innovative strategies.

The possible actions are so varied, complex and also require an additional effort of interaction:

  • choice and combination of the most appropriate policies for development on the basis of economic, social, environmental, cultural and institutional investors
  • identification of development opportunities that the EU offers to the territories (increasingly difficult to grasp without an integrated approach and a transnational perspective)
  • expert in reading ability of EU policies, the territory’s needs and the needs of the different target groups (business, nature, structural deficits and potential benefits, etc.).
  • provision of expert resources and qualified, able to combine design skills, speed and flexibility in the ability to create and animate networks of European dimensions
  • creation of spaces, physical and virtual, where it is possible to think, reflect, discuss strategies and tools required to prepare in accordance with the prospects of the new EU programming, especially in terms of capacity for integrated approaches
  • ability to design proposals for local sustainable development in both the public and private sectors.

Countryside and cities| skills

Rural development and local development

  • study, enhancement and promotion of the region to support local development
  • projects of European and international cooperation for rural and local development
  • identify opportunities to attract new investments in production and strengthen the fabric of companies already present in the area (eg, territorial analysis, research partners and/or members)
  • promotion through a strategy of presenting a realistic prospect of competition (road shows, seminars, conferences, workshops in the area)
  • development programs and awareness-raising activities

Technical assistance and advisory services to micro and small business start-up and support of enterprise

  • support investors interested in starting business in the catering sector, food in general, social tourism, etc. and local businesses that need to consolidate, revive, convert their business/product through:
  1. information on the strengths and weaknesses of the local economy
  2. identification of new suppliers and partners, a wider distribution network and business contacts and financial
  3. implementation of innovative communication
  4. restyling (logos, packaging, environments, etc.)
  • giving space and visibility to local businesses looking for partners at the national and international for the transfer of technology and/or know-how for business expansions, joint venture or any other form of collaboration
  • promote real opportunities for local investmen
  • promote meetings with experts and entrepreneurs in the field of reference

Territory and climate change

  • advice to local businesses to help increase the demand for energy from renewable sources and greater energy efficiency
    strategies to promote biodiversity and protect public goods (water, air, etc.).
    Designs aimed at the renewal of the urban transport system

Planning and coordination of events and initiatives for the promotion of the territory

  • communication strategies
  • enhance locations, products, people and crafts
  • compose territorial networks (wineries, winemakers, wine and vineyards / restaurateurs, chefs, food “biodiverse”, etc.)



Events and initiatives for the development of the area

  • Organization of conferences and seminars
  • Conception, design and art direction of the international Slow Food events (Salone del Gusto, Cheese, Slow Fish, Vinitaly, International Congresses, regional events, meetings and small events)
  • Technical and artistic direction (communication and project construction) for conferences and conventions of ISVOR FIAT, IVECO
  • organization of internships and art exhibitions in the Cyan School of Turin
  • organization of cultural and gastronomic events for  Duvert, Eataly

Architecture, Design, Decoration, Communication

  • Design of layout systems, stands, furniture, lighting, packaging
  • Projects stand and communications for institutional bodies (Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, Regione Piemonte, Campania, Tuscany, Sicily Region, City of Turin, Province of Turin, various municipalities, institutions for exhibition: Fiera di Genova , Lingotto Fiere, Fiera di Milano) and large companies (FIAT, Bank St. Paul, Coop, Grana Padano, Lurisia, T18, Berlucchi, etc.)
  • Interior design of public spaces and homes