Fausto Pallarìa

European Project manager

Expert in design, coordination, evaluation and monitoring and technical assistance in local, national and EU projects and development plans: social inclusion and cohesion, equal opportunities, rights to education, lifelong learning, formal/non-formal/informal learning, corporate social responsibility, social dialogue, learning organization, combating discrimination and inequalities in the labor market, cooperative entrepreneurship, strategies for employment and equitable and sustainable development, skills budgets | Consultant and designer for local authorities, associations, design agencies, cooperative movement, third sector (multidisciplinary projects and training plans, research of opportunities for local development, innovative organizational models, selection of calls and projects, fund raising) | Trainer and researcher, design and teaching for skills development, orientation and job placement, analysis of training and professional needs, problem solving | Identification of strategic transnational partners for EU projects

Maria Paola Orlandini

Director, documentarist and project manager

(1998-2013) Produces an art documentary production for the enhancement of Italian museums at RAI-Radiotelevisione italiana – Rai Educational. (2002) Becomes head of a production and programming structure dedicated to art and produces “Magazzini Einstein” (more than 850 episodes on Rai Tre, Rai Uno, Rai Storia, Rai Scuola). (2006-2013) On Rai Tre and Rai Storia, she writes and leads the art magazine “Art News” and produces six Lessons on the “Future of the Classical” with Salvatore Settis. (2013-2015) Curates, with Raffaele Simongini, the exhibitions “The Making of. Corviale” and “The Making of. L’Aquila” and the respective catalogs in with the participation of, among others, Mimmo Paladino, Pietro Ruffo, Omar Galliani, Ennio Calabria, Sten and Lex, Agnese Purgatorio, Licia Galizia. Makes the documentary “Meravigliosamente invisibile-Wonderfully Invisible” about Raffaella Formenti | She participates in the AgCult – Letture Lente call (“The Decalogue of Gender Equality in Cultural Policies”) and in the editing of the magazine “Bambini e musei – Citizens by rule of art” | She is the conceiver of the projects “Clandestine” and “Me, Them, Us. The art of relating” | She has won numerous prestigious international awards for Rai Educational in festivals on art television programs, writes articles, lectures and participates in debates at universities and cultural institutes in Italy and abroad.

Tommaso Quarta

Project Manager

Expert in the management and administration of projects in the Third Sector | Expert in the management of nursing homes for non self-sufficient elderly people | Expert in planning and coordination of training interventions for prisoners, social and health personnel, services for people | Training expert on motivation, creativity development and service quality | School district consultant in educational and career guidance projects | President of the Social and Work Cooperative Nomeni soc. coop. a r.l.

Elena Pascale

Psychologist and psychotherapist

Expert in designing curricula psychopedagogical, screening for the assessment of developmental levels of children, experimental activities on educational continuity | Expert in design and coordination of prevention activities, support and psycho-social care of children, adolescents (Centers aggregation) and adults (prisoners, migrants, etc.) | Expert training in forensic psychology and forensic science, for community workers (involved in projects for the prevention of psycho-social) for teachers of kindergarten | research on children and adolescents at risk, issues of children and deviance, intercultural and cross-cultural issues | Family therapist |  Cavalsassi School director

Nadia Pallarìa

Administrative manager

Expert in planning and preparation of business plans consistent with the indications of specific calls to the proposal (tenders and notices), the purpose of the project and the roles of the partners involved | Consultant for planning, control, validation and registration costs (estimate / actual), optimization of economic resources (through ad hoc methods, attention to rules in force, communication and sharing within the partnership continues, periodic reports and final processing during the course of the project phases) and reporting | Expert in information technology and methods of operations research, economic analysis and management for the solution of problems of the organization and operational management of production systems.

Enrico Valle

Expert in innovative communication strategies

Expert in the design, planning and definition of communication strategies for images (photographic and video production for websites, packaging, building and idealization of concepts, development, consulting, training and technical assistance portals) in the world of gastronomy, building innovative and renewable energy | Activities of assistance, advice and support to start-up company in the field of gastronomy | Consultant for micro and small businesses to consolidate, revive, convert their business / product (analysis of strengths and weaknesses, identifying new distribution networks, new business contacts and financial) | design activities to renew the urban transport system and encourage the increase of energy needs from renewable sources and greater energy efficiency

Alexandro Berto

(Web)designer, photographer, painter

Expert on TV and communication | (Web) Design and Communication | 3d modeling and rendering environment Rhinoceros 3d StudioMax, Vray | Product Design and eco-friendly industrial design (construction systems, materials, legislation, marketing, sociology, etc.) | Car interior design | 2D graphics and image processing | Layout and structure texts | Expert in figurative and representative arts  with various techniques (drawing, painting, photography) | Photographer | Expert in analog and digital photographic equipment | Painter | Webdesigner of the first website (and the author of site photos)

Luigi Incatasciato (Always with us!)

European Project manager

European Project manager senior (strategies and policies) | Researcher (innovative organizational models for SMEs, opportunities for local development, technological and organizational innovation of SMEs) | Expert in Distance Learning, Learning Organization (SMEs and transferability of models to small and micro-enterprises ), corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report, Total Quality Management, creation of networks for local development, monitoring and evaluation, technical assistance | Consultant of local authorities, planning agencies, employer organizations | senior Trainer: employability, social inclusion, research and innovation, implementation and application of innovative technologies, methods of learning (e-learning, formal and informal learning) also via the Web, methodologies for local development.