Definitions for images

ECRU is able to represent and talk about – through images and words, gestures and sounds – ideas, stories, crafts and places

The importance of clearly and convincingly convey what you want to communicate – using techniques and methods more and more advanced and complicated – has played a vital role in supporting, developing and promoting ideas and people.



Development of an idea

  •      creation, study and analysis of trace
  •      forms of communication
  •      writing text and content (title and development of a theme)
  •      production (places, people, photography, shot, etc.).
  •      mounting
  •      technical publication

Image Communication

  •      video production and photography for websites
  •      packaging
  •      logos (Creation and idealization of concepts)
  •      portals (development, consulting, training and technical assistance)

Interactive designs and associated

  •      Self-learning systems
  •      Methods and advanced multimedia tools for partnership
  •      multilevel platforms
  •      e-learning

Conception, planning and communication events, activities, meetings in the fields of:

  • food
  • catering
  • edillizia innovative
  • renewable energy



Collaboration with:

  • the Laboratory for Research and Technological Development Dolmen of Milan
  • architects and advertising agencies
  • designers, graphic designers, photographers

Organization of exhibitions of painting and performance art and cultural