Elsir is now on all continents (and opens a LinkedIn group)

ELSIR – Network for Innovation and Social and Territorial Responsibility in just 5 months has almost doubled its members reaching 180 accessions that represent it now on all continents.

The network, to which you can join for free and it is open to both individuals and organizations, continues to receive requests for participation in its mission – which is mainly to develop innovative projects in the world focused in the field of social and territorial responsibility – that Elsir pursues involving, where possible, the members in the project activities promoted and implemented by ECRU (which coordinates ELSIR at international level).

To further promote exchanges between partners, we have created a group on LinkedIn in order to share opinions, ideas and projects within the network facilitating the exchange of information between members and fostering mutual knowledge.

Therefore we send you an invitation to join the group ELSIR (http://it.linkedin.com/groups?gid=4666345) who wants to be just a tool for facilitating the exchange of communications between us.

Participate is not binding nor replaces the real network, as well as so far it is constituted, or modify the process to adhere to its founding principles.