ROSE – a ROund dance in the Streets of Europe

Aims and objectives
In ROSE are defined methodologies and strategies centered on SVV (Support for victims of violence) priority and planned the “conditions to act” in each partner country and at European extent through the Helix approach as a “system”, the construction of tools of “investigation and certification”, the Caravan (a real journey across Europe to bring, share and tell knowledge and experience), specific models of mutual learning, an integrated virtual platform, a video (the journey told through images and sounds).

Design | Management of actions | Networking | Budgeting | Co-beneficiary Partner

Cooperativa Prassi e Ricerca – IT (Lead Partner), Magenta – ES, Wmtl – GB, Zavod Zvezda – SI, Plineu – PL, SAL – HR, ECRU – IT

Specific Programme “DAPHNE III” (2007-2013). To Prevent And Combat Violence Against Children, Young People And Women And To Protect Victims And Groups At Risk – JUST/2013/DAP/AG – Support for victims of violence (SVV)