Portfolio Categories: Social dialogue, Social Responsibility, and Tourism.

TTH-PLJ – Tourism Triple Helix-Project for a Long Journey | Pilot projects for the development of Sector Skills Alliances (EAC / S01 / 2012)


The project is focused on the adoption of the model of the Triple Helix (TH) because, being based on the Interaction Between SMEs, institutions and learning organizations, it allows suitably adapted to project needs to achieve (in the tourism sector) the aims and objectives of the Alliance to help develop a shared culture, innovative participatory and involving many actors and institutions in a perspective of sustainable tourism and socially responsible region.


Partnership: Solco Srl (IT), Eild – European Institute For Local Development (GR), Incore Aes (RO), Ad Hoc (SP), Minster Development Centre Ltd (UK), Municipality Of Rome (IT), Ebtl (IT), Italink021 ltd (RS)


(Luigi Incatasciato, Nadia Pallarìa, Fausto Pallarìa: Design and partnership coordination)