Language and new citizenships (Lingua e nuove cittadinanze)

Encourage the integration and social inclusion of non-EU migrants, through training in civic and socio-working languages ​​thanks to proximity devices, thus facilitating access and information in connection with the offer of the network of schools and other territorial institutions.

Partnership: CReA Association (leader); CPIA 8 Frosinone; Municipality of Fiuggi; Municipality of San Giorgio a Liri; Municipality of Aquino; Synergasia social cooperative; Calcutta voluntary association; ECRU

ECRU is responsible for the phases related to:

– Work Path (Linguistic and citizenship paths): language training with sector micro-language interventions, related to work needs and language training courses level A2-B1 to increase the knowledge of the Italian language or to reach the middle school license

– Interventions to facilitate access to the educational offer. Capillary actions of territorial diffusion of information on training opportunities with outreaching actions conducted by operators and intercultural mediators

Program: AMIF – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2014-2020 – Specific Objective 2. Legal Integration / Migration – National Objective ON 2 – Integration – lett. h) Linguistic civic training – Experimental language training services 2018-2021

Period: June 2019 – December 2020