NASCO | New Approaches to the companies’ social responsibility (ESF Art. 6)
Main objective was to increase SMEs’ Corporate Sense of Responsibility through the dissemination of a Corporate Social Balance Sheet model, suitable for SMEs and micro-enterprises. Outcomes and products were: Dissemination among SMEs and micro-enterprises of information on issues related to CSR and the Corporate Social Balance Sheet; Dissemination of best practices related to CSR and the Corporate Social Balance Sheet; Tailor-made training for SME personnel – mainly targeting HR responsible and internal personnel – on CSR issues; Elaboration of a European model for a Social Balance Sheet, ready to be used and implemented in SMEs and micro-enterprises (Nasco Index-NAI)

(F. Pallarìa – Transnational coordinator and PM for EBLA/Formare, L. Incatasciato – Project designer and PM for ECIPA Lazio/F. Pallarìa and L. Incatasciato – Managers of  Dissemination Tasks and Internal evaluators) | Partnership | EBLA, Formare, Ecipa, Cria, Ceefia, Omega Technology