Art To Fu (Awareness Raising of Threats to the Family Unit)

Aims and objectives The partnership is facing the problem of raising grooming and cyber bulling among youngsters and children all over Europe ECRU Co-Applicant | Working groups: Discussion about handling of Internet abuses from perspective of target group Partnership West Midlands Tomorrow Ltd (UK), LA Bombilla Asociación de ideas (SP), Developmen

3L: Live-Love-Learn Project

Aims and objectives Forming a strategical value education road map in order to develop democratical behaviour patterns for the future generations of the European Union countries ECRU Technical assistance for Fondazione Asilo Cavalsassi – IT Partnership Sakarya Anaokulu – TK, Mikro Ergastiri – GR, Viljandi Lasteaed Midrimaa – EE,

Impact in the territory of Organizational Models based on social innovation (ITOM-SI)

Aims and Objectives To produce an Holistic and Organizational Model based on social innovation as a response to the problems of current economy and their impact in the territory ECRU (Role as Lead Partner) Co-Designing | Development of a Multilevel Governance System for Social Innovation which integrates Social Responsibility | Dissemination, Explo

European Social Fund – Ob. 2

Security and Safety Work (SaS). Project involves the development of a path to identify, test and share a polycentric network model (multilevel and multi-actor) able to build an original way of relationship between associations, information/training centres and bodies that works to protect the rights through the convergence of knowledge and expertis

Scambio@bagagli (Exchange@luggage)

Aims and Objectives Building a future of active citizenship through a process of fight against social discrimination by defining models of social integration of young immigrants based on overcoming cultural stereotypes, using new technologies, new forms of relational networks and communication for informal learning and cohesion able to network publ