Developing the territory in the era of the Economy of functionality

Developing the territory in the era of the functionality economy. As together we can give impetus to the country’s structural (Iadecola A., L. Incatasciato, Pallaria F., eds) Document of analysis on the performance of organizations that is no longer based on the growth in volume of goods and services but on the achievement of the […]


Build a specific occupational profile of intrapreneur to promote/support a intrapreneurship pedagogy in the SMEs | Disseminate this innovative management role able to facilitate, in the craft sector, the intergenerational transfer of skills and knowledge and the growth of the company (Buddenbrook syndrome) and, more generally, within the world of S


The Day Mother Model has a different level of development in EU and the project aims at assessing the feasibility of a similar acknowledgement process in several countries, by a gap analysis about informally gained knowledge, pre-existing knowledge and understanding gained by on-the-job development of skills linked with a proven personal competence


Define Models of Mutual Learning (MMLs) based on the Quadruple Helix (QH) aimed at strengthening the services to SVGBV in EU | Carrying out investigation and certification tools to measure the extent of efficiency and quality of SVGBV services on a territory (Index) and to build, promote and reward virtuous territories (Label) ECRU Design, Manageme

Become a learning organization (Pathways of participated coaching)

Develop internal paths of organizational and structural re-qualification | Raise the level of knowledge and skills of human resources employed in activities closely related to the new community program | Consolidate and develop design capabilities | Preserve levels of employment and internal and external employability of the staff ECRU: Design, pro