Become a learning organization (Pathways of participated coaching)

Develop internal paths of organizational and structural re-qualification | Raise the level of knowledge and skills of human resources employed in activities closely related to the new community program | Consolidate and develop design capabilities | Preserve levels of employment and internal and external employability of the staff ECRU: Design, pro

ISLES – Intrapreneurial Skills and Learning Experiences within Smes

Aims and Objectives To detect how the craft organizational model can be understood as a LO and the artisan as an entrepreneur/intrapreneur | verify, within the craft sector, the relation between LO and intrapreneurship to understand how and to what extent the intrapreneurs can promote learning in/by organizations in order to facilitate the organiza

ROSE – a ROund dance in the Streets of Europe

Aims and objectives In ROSE are defined methodologies and strategies centered on SVV (Support for victims of violence) priority and planned the “conditions to act” in each partner country and at European extent through the Helix approach as a “system”, the construction of tools of “investigation and certification”

Elsir is now on all continents (and opens a LinkedIn group)

ELSIR – Network for Innovation and Social and Territorial Responsibility in just 5 months has almost doubled its members reaching 180 accessions that represent it now on all continents. The network, to which you can join for free and it is open to both individuals and organizations, continues to receive requests for participation in its [&hel

IEPM (Improving Expertise through a European Participatory Model)

Aims and objectives IEPM Project was designed to encourage social partners and institutions to increase their expertise in the field of industrial relations and to assist and work together to promote a stronger social dialogue throughout the EU ECRU Design | Management of actions | Networking | Associate Partner Partnership Confartigianato Imprese