Economy of functionality. Developments and scenarios (read/download)

Rethinking environmental policy, placing the long-term expectations and future generations in a sustainable development perspective, inventing new growth require appropriate policies in all areas (economic, social and environmental): work, energy, transport, house, agriculture, health.

B-IN (Be IN touch: an inclusive mainstream education through and for citizenship)

Improve quality and relevance of an inclusive mainstream education of migrant learners through the citizen education to strengthen the open society values; develop levels of competencies that promote social inclusion and help to overcome the lack of education of migrant learners taking-up inclusive educational approaches, greater engagement of fami


The project aims to experience a new model of development involving economic, social and institutional players of a territory and, through a participative methodology in decision making (by integrating social and environmental needs in economic decisions through a concept of horizontal/transversal responsible territorialization), implement an Inter

A suggestion for improvement. Promoting the Social Economy

Policy analysis necessary to read the change in perspective introduced by the social market economy and which has as its central element create the conditions for the organizations – operating in the social sector – act in a context of Learning Region realized through the establishment of a Socially Responsible Territory adhering to the

B-Entrepreneur: Best Practices In Entepreneurship at EU level

Development of an evaluation model of best practice and a system of indicators for benchmarking Client: IRFI – Roman Institute for Entrepreneurial Training Chamber of Commerce of Rome Programme: Lifelong Learning Programme – 2013, Key Activity 4, Multilateral Projects