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ECRU for a fair society

is the sum of what each of its experts is able to govern, propose, implement, accompany within its specific areas of intervention

  has an organizational and working methodology that calls up the holonic system different units are integrated with each other and with other units, in complete autonomy and able to act with high levels of flexibility and creativity starting the chain of knowledge that enables to pursue a better activities of planning/design/implementation that takes advantage of opportunities that, from time to time, occur

ECRU Holonic

  works, in a privileged relationship with partners, to a unitary and integrated path oriented to the identification and definition of actions and equitable socio-economic models, innovative and sustainable. Started in the past by its experts with the construction of models, methods and tools related to the promotion of corporate social responsibility (CSR) through collaboration in community projects such as Nasco, Boussole CSR, Cosore this process is continued more recently in the designamong others – of Itom, Ripal (, To-Gather ( and the development of concepts such as quadruple helix, socially responsible, skill alliances, social enterprise, economy of functionality, etc.

  is represented by its origin (projects and past experiences), its areas of intervention of reference (Citizens and regions of Europe, Skills and knowledge, People at work, Definitions for images, Countryside and cities, Rights in society), the innovative key issues on which ECRU is working, projects and studies so far presented and carried out