ROSE – a ROund dance in the Streets of Europe

Aims and objectives In ROSE are defined methodologies and strategies centered on SVV (Support for victims of violence) priority and planned the “conditions to act” in each partner country and at European extent through the Helix approach as a “system”, the construction of tools of “investigation and certification”

Elsir is now on all continents (and opens a LinkedIn group)

ELSIR – Network for Innovation and Social and Territorial Responsibility in just 5 months has almost doubled its members reaching 180 accessions that represent it now on all continents. The network, to which you can join for free and it is open to both individuals and organizations, continues to receive requests for participation in its [&hel

IEPM (Improving Expertise through a European Participatory Model)

Aims and objectives IEPM Project was designed to encourage social partners and institutions to increase their expertise in the field of industrial relations and to assist and work together to promote a stronger social dialogue throughout the EU ECRU Design | Management of actions | Networking | Associate Partner Partnership Confartigianato Imprese

Elsir has break the barrier of 100 members!

ELSIR – Network for Innovation and Social and Territorial Responsibility has developed and consolidated its growth coming to involve, to date, more than 100 members – organizations and experts – spread across 4 continents and becoming an important added value to use to make more competitive us and all its partners within the 2014-

Impact in the territory of Organizational Models based on social innovation (ITOM-SI)

Aims and objectives To produce an Holistic and Organizational Model based on social innovation, as a response to the problems of current economy and their impact in the territory ECRU Co-Designing | Development of a Multilevel Governance System for Social Innovation which integrates Social Responsibility | Dissemination, Exploitation and Viability

A European Community of Practice to promote youth employment opportunities and social inclusion through social inclusion farming (TO-GATHER)

Aims and objectives To create a “community of practice” integrated model, supporting and promoting youth employment opportunities and inclusion through social inclusion farming ECRU Multi-Stakeholder evaluation of existing projects /initiatives concerning social inclusion farming with youngsters | Coaching (on–line) Partnership Faculdade de C

Key issues for EconomicallY successful social innovations (KEY)

Aims and objectives Prepare a methodology for the creation of a European Facilitative Network and organise its launch for developing the most effective communities of responsible practice ECRU Dissemination, Business Model and Exploitation Plan Partnership Everis – SP, Bridging to the Future – UK, Centre fo the advancement of Research and devel

Responsibility in Practice and Learning: integrating responsibility into professional and organisational development (RIPAL)

Aims and objectives Aims to set up critical dialogue between key stakeholders in business and Business Schools about the meaning of responsibility in practice, and to develop an integrated framework and tools for developing responsible practice for use in Business School curricula and staff development ECRU Prepare a methodology for the creation of


Aims and objectives To  transfer the practice and knowledge of Tagesmutter /Day Mothers ECRU Designing | Sustainability as a measure of dissemination and impact Partnership Associazione Nazionale Domus – IT, ECRU – IT, Incore AES – RO, Minster Development Center Ltd – UK, Magenta Consultoría – SP, Adamastor – PT Pr

Co-operative Model for Women in Family Business (CoopM-W)

Aims and objectives To create a co-operative model for women in family business ECRU Collection of Case studies and Best Practices Partnership Eild (GR), West Midlands Tomorrow Ltd (UK), Incore AES (RO), Women Return Network (GR), Magenta Consultoria (SP), ECRU (IT) Programme: LEONARDO DA VINCI Multilateral projects  for Development of  Innovatio